Mustiguillo Finca Calvestra Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

Olive varieties:
84% Piñonera and the rest is Cornicabra, Manzanilla, Vera and Picual

At 800 meters above sea level, on the gentle hills that were once the seabed of the Mediterranean and under the shelter of the Sierra del Negrete (Utiel), a unique landscape opens up to the eye. An environment where pines, holm oaks and olive trees join the aromatic notes of thyme, rosemary and fennel that dot the valley and combine to wrap the fruit of the vineyards of the Sarrión-Martínez family, la Bobal. A strong grape that, withstanding extreme climates and apparently infertile limestone soils, cultivated through natural and pioneering processes in the area, offers a fruit full of nuances, elegant and delicate. A grape expression of the soil, the climate, the aromas of the mountains and the proximity of the sea that, together, give the wine its unique Mediterranean character.


Calvestra area, located in Requena. It is a traditional mountain olive grove at more than 900 m. with high slope. Poor, limestone soil with a loamy-clay texture. Olive growing in traditional dry land with minimal intervention. Sparse plantations (240 trees/ha). Low yield olive grove (less than 1,500 kg/ha). Harvest time based on the fruit maturity index established for the variety. There are 3 levels of maturity (VV-VM-MM). Collection by milking in green olives, with blankets and manual vibrators in the most mature ones. Storage in 180 kg pallets. Night grinding, immediately after harvest, with separation of batches based on the maturity index. Olive temperature at the oil mill reception from 9 to 12ºC. Continuous extraction of small capacity (120 kg-fruit/hour), cold, brief kneading, solid/liquid separation with horizontal decanting and water/oil separation by prolonged natural decantation at controlled temperature; resulting in an extraction of low fat yield (7-16%) but with the original components intact. No filtering.

Tasting notes

Extra virgin olive oil, intense green fruity, with a vegetal cut nose and velvety notes of ripe tropical fruit and notable balsamic notes. On the palate it is perceived as bitter, medium spicy and with a marked astringency, resulting in a fresh, light, enveloping and very long mid palate, with sweet, almost gourmand final sensations. It is dense and tasty as a whole.

Country of production





Bodega Mustiguillo



Olive varieties

Cornicabra, Manzanilla, Picual, Piñonera, Vera

Olive oil acidity



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