Antonutti Poppóne IGT 2017 15% vol.


Grape varieties:
80% Merlot passito and 20% Pignolo

Casa Vinicola Antonutti is a winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The four generations of the Antonutti family have been growing grapes in the heart of the Grave del Friuli for just over a hundred years. The winery now owns about fifty hectares of vineyards. The rivers Meduna, Cellina and Taglimento have brought large amounts of dolomite limestone into the area, and the area itself is protected from northerly winds, but benefits from its proximity to the sea. Antonutti grape grows in a place called Barbeano, where the soil is pebbled. The difference between day and night temperatures is large, so the grapes can be harvested later when they are already full of aromas.


Picking is carried out when the berries reach optimal ripeness, each variety is harvested and vinified separately. After harvesting, the Merlot is dried, cleaned and finely chopped. Soaking and fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, after which the wine ages in the same tanks for more than 12 months. After vinification, Pignolo is aged for 12 months in large oak barrels. Before bottling, assembly takes place and the wine matures for some time in the bottles, getting a more harmonious and juicy taste.

Tasting notes

The wine has a ruby red color, sweet, warm, pleasantly fresh taste is filled with red fruits and spicy herbs. The finish is long and rich. The aroma of the wine is dominated by notes of small ripe red fruits and berries, licorice tones, currants and light nuances of Mediterranean herbs.

Recommended serving temperature: 18° — 20°C

Pairing recommendation

It is perfect as an aperitif and pairs well with pasta dishes, light seafood, and chicken.

Country of production






Alcohol content





‎Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Denomination of origin

Trevenezie IGT

Grape varieties

Merlot, Pignolo



Storage potential

8-10+ aastat


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