Grosjean Syrah Echelette Vallée d’Aoste DOC 2019 13% vol.


Grape variety:
100% Syrah

Inherited the lands by his wife, in 1968 Grandpa Dauphin started bottling his own wine for the “II Exposition des Vins du Val d’Aoste”: the success of that fair encouraged the Grosjean grandfather’s drive that brought the farm from 3000 sq.m to the current 12 hectares. In the following years, all five sons committed themselves to the work: Vincent, Giorgio, Marco, Fernand and Eraldo, everyone expert in his own department. A new winery was built in 2000 in order to hold the increasing harvests. In 2011 a breakthrough happened: by mutual agreement the organic conversion started, the first winery in Valle d’Aosta. In 2015 a further renewal allowed to increase the winery in order to host all the 120,000 bottles produced.


Guyot bush forming system. Cultivation operations partly mechanical and partly manual, with techniques allowed only in organic farming. The fertilizations are carried out with the addition of organic substances (mature bovine manure).

A thin red thread links Syrah, a grape typical of the Mediterranean area, and the Aosta Valley. On the one hand, a grape that expresses itself with heat, natural spiciness and small red fruits. On the other hand, a region sheltered among the highest peaks in Europe hides a microclimate that gives color and sun, protecting the grapes born of heroic viticulture. A fascinating combination, where Syrah and Valle d’Aosta terroir find themselves in a happy marriage, which in the glass offers nuances that are never predictable and to be savored slowly. The sun and the Aosta Valley in the glass, a warm and long sip, under the banner of unexpected beauty and charm.

Vinification with de-stemmed grapes, maceration with the skins for 12-15 days with three punching down per day at a controlled temperature of 28-30 ° C. aging in barrique for 12 months. 6-12 months of bottle aging. Bottling in October.

Tasting notes

Ruby red color with garnet shades. Light scent of spices and toasts on a background of forest fruits. Hint of black pepper. Soft and balanced flavor, full-bodied, broad in its expressiveness with good flavor and freshness.

Country of production


Alcohol content





Grosjean Vins




Vallée d’Aoste

Denomination of origin

Vallée d’Aoste DOC

Grape varieties


Age of vines

20+ years




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