About us

Hi friends! We don’t want to impress you, but to expand your possibilities. We offer very high quality products at wholesale prices. In our warehouse store, restaurateurs can buy products for their restaurants, shops and boutique owners and market vendors can buy products for themselves, and, importantly, anyone can buy products and wines at a wholesale price to be consumed in the home setting. We only import products bought directly from producers, and therefore the wholesale markup is minimal. These products include: octopus tentacles of different manufacturers – boiled or cooked sous vide; Dutch Matjes herring; magret duck breasts, high quality duck meat and confit; Ibérico pork meat; more than 10 varieties of rice from Spanish Albufera, such as Bomba, Albufera, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli. In the warehouse, you can buy more than 500 types of wine from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal. In our choice of products, we proceeded from these three criteria: either very cheap, or having the value for money. or simply the best! In addition to imports, we produce lots of our own products, such as sausages, pelmeni, vareniki, smoked and dry ageing meats, in our workshop. All these are constantly being made there manually and in small batches.

Why did we open such a warehouse store? Because we dream of going to one ourselves! By purchasing a friend card for 2 euros, you can take advantage of many benefits in the warehouse, store and “Talleke ja Pelmeenike” restaurant. Why not try? It is very interesting to come to the warehouse and see everything yourself, but you can also make an order, which will be delivered by our bus furnished with a refrigerator and a freezer (specify the time period you will be able to collect the delivery, e.g. 5pm-7pm or 6pm-8pm). Delivery of orders starting from €100 is free or is at an additional fee if the order is less than €100.

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Zone Price
Pick up yourself FREE
Tallinn Õismäe, Tallinn Kakumäe 3.00€
Tallinn Kristiine, Tallinn Mustamäe, Tallinn Põhja-Tallinn, Tallinn Kesklinn, Peetri Küla 5.00€
Tallinn Lasnamäe, Tallinn Pirita 7.00€